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About The Self Cube Project...

The Self Cube Program is a culmination or 4 years of research, development and testing.  The program is based on the simple principles of self managed and structured personality changes with small daily positive trait recognition. 

Basically, you guide yourself to build up on the positive traits you already have and champion them to success.  The Self Cube program uses an icon based theme as it is easily grasped by the individual and present an interactive component to the program.  Our use of technology and support team guides round out this program very nicely.  We strongly believe in continuous improvement, thus the website and materials will be continuously improved. This is a belief that The Self Cube Program also reinforces within the individual using the Cube.

We are are environmentally aware and recycle all materials used in the production of the Cubes and Cards.  We keep shipping and printed materials to a minimum thus reducing waste and reducing shipping costs to you.

We are based in Canada, ship worldwide and we invite your feedback.

Thank you for visiting The Self Cube, we hope you enjoyed your visit.


The Self Cube Team

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