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Being an adult, or living with an adult with ADD/ADHD, Aspergers or Autism can be a very daunting task.  Balancing relationships, work, family and just sorting out our own active minds is hard work.   Oh, the world is full of people that have found ways to cope and to manage the thought blenders in their heads, and there are many that have not yet found peace.  The stories are many and the forums are full of successes and failures.  As unique as we think our story is, there is likely someone else that has or is living it right now too.,


Something as simple as empowering yourself each day with focus on one personal trait with an act of rolling the Cube can have some very positive effects.  For adults, the process is similar to that of kids, but with more structure and intentional processes.  The Self Cube Program can help with these task management and coping skills, but you have to take the first step.  Spouses, coworkers and friends help by reading cues, you manage by make subtle changes in your activities to help others help you reach your goals.


And what is the goal?  Balance is the goal.  Balance between the 6 personality traits we need to achieve harmony with ourselves, and with those around us.

  • Build Strength & Perseverance

  • Solidify Personal Power & Dominion

  • Improve Personal Prospects

  • Increase Personal Prosperity

  • Plan Transformation

  • Advocate Peace and Disarmament

"being grown up is hard enough to do without the distractions in my own mind"


Roll the Cube, carry the Cue Card and just try to stay on task for that one trait for the day.  You have traits that you've already learned from habit, weather intentional or not.  The Self Cube program just helps you make small and intentional improvements in yourself and over the course of some time, these intentions will become habits, then your own personal new and improved trait. 


Get with the program and take another step in moving forward to a better and more balanced you.


If you are an Industry Professional, a Parent, a Teacher, a Spouse, an Executive or a Student that work with folks with attention issues, then this program is for you!  If you are just a Confused Person that wants to make some serious personal improvements... then The Self Cube Program is for you!

Combining a variety of technologies with some self guidance, The Self Cube Program can help discover the better, stronger person within. 

Find Inner Strength and Achieve Balance and Harmony Through

Consistent and Reinforced Self Control!

GET YOUR CUBE TODAY and Join The Self Cube Program for Self Improvement and Personal Empowerment!

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100% of ALL Funds Donated to The Self Cube Program are Used for Research, Treatment and Advocacy of ADHD/ADD, Aspergers and Autism (auditable)

A minimum of 10% of The Self Cube profits are donated to participating schools and advocacy & research groups.

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