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Most folks working with attention challenged children, teens and adults alike are usually not aware of the very important roles they play.  Teachers and professionals often seem to have the clearest focus on helping a person deal with these issues.  This is were the real work gets done and where effective results are polished.  Without this team of understanding and patient folks, we would be playing an entirely different game.  It is here we get many of our new ideas and concepts in coping with this "wacky rollercoaster ride of thoughts and actions". 


Support can come in many forms outside of the professional world; coworkers, family, spouses and so many other people can become a support team with a little guidance. 


If you have a child or a spouse/partner that has ADD/ADHD, Aspergers or Autism, I'm rooting for you!  The benefits of being a parent, guardian or partner of someone with an ADD/ADHD, Aspergers or Autism can be astounding, providing you can keep up and do a little guiding of your own.  O.K. maybe it's not that basic, but this program will guide you in a slow, methodical manner that will help us all understand better and truly make a difference.


Join The Program and check out The Cube Forum for some very enlightening conversations.  Your support input is the key to advocating and managing programs like this.


Learn to pick up on cues, guide and sway events for a better outcome.  Learn to seek patience and instill peace without manipulating.  The Self Cube program is all about subtle, quasi-passive guidance to help us all achieve our potential.


"it may be a bit of work, but the results are well worth it,

naaa, it's not really hard to do, just some persistent guidance"


If you would like to join our Forum and offer input and constructive guidance, ask about our "Card Program" for full access.


If you are an Industry Professional, a Parent, a Teacher, a Spouse, an Executive or a Student that work with folks with attention issues, then this program is for you!  If you are just a Confused Person that wants to make some serious personal improvements... then The Self Cube Program is for you!

Combining a variety of technologies with some self guidance, The Self Cube Program can help discover the better, stronger person within. 

Find Inner Strength and Achieve Balance and Harmony Through

Consistent and Reinforced Self Control!

GET YOUR CUBE TODAY and Join The Self Cube Program for Self Improvement and Personal Empowerment!

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100% of ALL Funds Donated to The Self Cube Program are Used for Research, Treatment and Advocacy of ADHD/ADD, Aspergers and Autism (auditable)

A minimum of 10% of The Self Cube profits are donated to participating schools and advocacy & research groups.

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