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Check out these excellent sources for resources, statistics, programs and general enlightenment!



A Champion of ADD Awareness!


ADHD Awareness Canada


Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance


Healthy Living for Women

The Asperger’s Society of Ontario

Very Thorough, Lots of Resources

Asperger Syndrome Simple test

Quick On-Line Test

AAFS -Autism Aspergers Friendship Society

Plenty of Programs and Support

Asperger Syndrome Fact Sheet

Asperger Facts and Links

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

U.S. National Library of Medicine - Technical

Teach ADD

Teaching Children with ADHD

Autism Canada

Very Detailed Site with plenty of resources

USA Autism and Aspergers Association

Very in Depth Site!

ADHD Adult Screening Test

On-Line Adult Screening for ADHD - Very Good

ADHD National Associations

Good list of Links to Many Resources

ADHD Genome Research

Genetic Research Studies

Oh Yes, more to come!


"hyperlinks... get it?"


If you are an Industry Professional, a Parent, a Teacher, a Spouse, an Executive or a Student that work with folks with attention issues, then this program is for you!  If you are just a Confused Person that wants to make some serious personal improvements... then The Self Cube Program is for you!

Combining a variety of technologies with some self guidance, The Self Cube Program can help discover the better, stronger person within. 

Find Inner Strength and Achieve Balance and Harmony Through

Consistent and Reinforced Self Control!

GET YOUR CUBE TODAY and Join The Self Cube Program for Self Improvement and Personal Empowerment!

The Self Cube - Symbol Based self improvement through interactive technology and you - a green company

  All Cube, Packing and Shipping Materials are Made from or Contribute to a Recycling Program

  The Self Cube Ltd is a Green Company.   Π - Private Login - Research Data

100% of ALL Funds Donated to The Self Cube Program are Used for Research, Treatment and Advocacy of ADHD/ADD, Aspergers and Autism (auditable)

A minimum of 10% of The Self Cube profits are donated to participating schools and advocacy & research groups.

The Self Cube, The Program & The Books ©2009 - The Self Cube Logo ™ 2009

All Rights Reserved 2009 to 2012, ©The Self Cube Ltd.

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