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Like it or not, but school is where most of the coping skills are learned, good or bad, this is the place.  Two or Three "rambunctious" or distracted children in your class can really slow down your abilities to teach.  Frustrations often lead to a sacrifice being made in order to retain the flow of the class.   Often it is the ADD/ADHD, Aspergers and Autistic children that are sacrificed.  Your job is hard enough, why not make it a bit easier to enjoy.


How long does it take to calm down a highly active student when they are in an agitated state?  I've heard said that it takes 1-2 minutes on average to either calm down the student and carry on, or send the student to the office.  Many times a simple and quick exercise can reduce this to 30-40 seconds.  It is much better for everyone if your class resumes quickly without singling out the stressing student.  Example; you've been introduced to The Self Cube program and are familiar with the students background.  You know from the Teachers Guide to watch for Cues from the student.  Early in the program, this cue is the student rubbing the Cue Card of the trait he/she is working on improving that day, later you will be able to pick up on the subtle cues that will make teaching your class easier. You see this student rubbing the Cue Card and instead of targeting the student directly, you have the entire class stand up and walk around their desk 3 or 4 times.  Often this is all that is required to regain focus and settle down the student and allow you to complete your lessons.  After class, you call the student over and ask them what they were stressing about.  Often times, they will have no recollection or perhaps they have a real issue, like bullying or teasing.  Either way, you have not embarrassed the student, which often leads to more outbursts, and you have identified a problem that can be dealt with in a quasi-stealthy manner.


A small and non disruptive change in teaching methods and a bit of Cue identification management can make a difference in your day, and the day of your students.  This is a sample of the many coping skills you can implement to better manage all your students with minimum disruption.


Now to jazz things up a bit...  I will offer a bunch of support to any school that wants to participate in The Self Cube Program.

  • We will donate 10% of ALL proceeds from The Self Cube sales within your catchment area back to your school for projects targeting student behavior and advocacy.

  • We will offer Video Conference explaining the program and reviewing some coping skills with the school staff, at No Charge.

  • We will offer teacher surveys to track changes in student behavior and time savings using the new skills, at No Charge.

  • We will be available for personal presentations and workshops.

  • We will work closely with you and your staff to improve the program and customize it for your school and your staff.


Why you ask?  We believe The Self Cube program can make a difference and have a positive influence on students and teachers alike.  We believe that we all have inherent traits that just need to be coaxed and nurtured, that it is a team effort and the change must embrace the individual without excessive coddling or embarrassment. 


Contact us to learn more...




"there is so much that happens at school that molds a child's life"


If you are an Industry Professional, a Parent, a Teacher, a Spouse, an Executive or a Student that work with folks with attention issues, then this program is for you!  If you are just a Confused Person that wants to make some serious personal improvements... then The Self Cube Program is for you!

Combining a variety of technologies with some self guidance, The Self Cube Program can help discover the better, stronger person within. 

Find Inner Strength and Achieve Balance and Harmony Through

Consistent and Reinforced Self Control!

GET YOUR CUBE TODAY and Join The Self Cube Program for Self Improvement and Personal Empowerment!

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100% of ALL Funds Donated to The Self Cube Program are Used for Research, Treatment and Advocacy of ADHD/ADD, Aspergers and Autism (auditable)

A minimum of 10% of The Self Cube profits are donated to participating schools and advocacy & research groups.

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